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So should you be worried about poor indoor air quality? Absolutely! Here's why...

We spend more time than EVER indoors

  • Britons spend an average of 70.8% of the day indoors at home.

  • Pre Pandemic, we spent an average of 9 hours at home on an average day.

  • Currently, we spend an extra EIGHT hours a day at home, with 35% of us now considering home our primary place of work.

More than 1 in 10 Britons are allergic to their pets.

  • 44% of British households have pets. That's 12 million households with an average of 51 million pets. That's a lot of allergies.

  • Pet dander greatly affects indoor air quality. Pets also emit allergy-producing proteins through their saliva, faeces, sweat, and urine.

People who live in areas with high levels of air pollution are 60% more likely to sleep poorly than those living in areas with cleaner air

• 31% of the UK's 16 million adults say they have insomnia.

• 67% of UK adults suffer from disrupted sleep.

• 23% manage no more than five hours a night.

Airborne contaminants and mould can seriously impact your health. Studies link air pollution and respiratory infections, particularly for those highly sensitive to allergens or with weakened lungs. In fact, respiratory infections are the most frequent health issues contributing to absenteeism from school and work. Given 1 in 12 Britons has asthma, that's a lot of us who are immediately at risk.

So what are the health effects of airborne contaminants?

  • Headache

  • Nose, eye, throat inflammation.

  • Coughing and painful breathing

  • Pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders

  • Skin Irritation

  • Affects central nervous system (headache, anxiety)

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Dementia

  • Strokes, infertility

Mould is a particular threat

  • Mould spores can trigger asthma, allergies and infection

  • Mould can grow on ANYTHING, including fabric, stone, glass and plastic

  • Mould grows in high humidity, in both warm and cold climates

  • Mould damages your health and valuables

Despite all the bad news, the good news is that you can take effective measures to greatly reduce the toxicity of the air you breathe indoors. How? Our air purifiers are your first step to restoring healthy air in your indoor space.

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