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pureAir SOLO Goes Head-to-Head Against Flu Virus with 99% Effectiveness

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

The proof is in the purification! Against the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the United Kingdom, and as we are in the midst of the official flu season, Clean Air Collective is proud to bring you the latest results of our partner GreenTech Environmental. We are thrilled to release laboratory test results of the personal air purification product, the pureAir SOLO against the swine flu.

The results show remarkable efficacy of ionized air against the H1N1 swine flu virus. The wearable ionisation device, the pureAir SOLO, emits positively charged ions, reduces virus exposure up to 99%.

While global scientists continue to develop early-stage research on novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, testing on other flu viruses, such the H1N1 virus, can supply invaluable insight into potential mitigation of coronavirus.

To supply science-based facts about ionisation air purification and their other forms of active air purification, GreenTech has commissioned independent third-party laboratory testing for their products. The first of these tests provides consumers with an additional layer of security during this particularly difficult flu season.

The pureAir SOLO works by emitting ions which actively neutralise volatile organic compounds (VOC) including bacteria, viruses, and mould. The ions surround the wearer’s ambient air and effectively act as a barrier that protect against VOCs.

“Scientists have long known ionisation is one of nature’s most effective defenders against airborne mould, bacteria, and viruses.” said GreenTech Environmental’s CEO Allen Johnston.

“These independent results prove our devices are an effective tool in virus mitigation and we hope consumers use them as an effective tool in flu mitigation to keep themselves and family members shielded against the flu this holiday season,”

We remind all air purification customers that devices which use “active” technologies such as ionisation, including the pureAir SOLO, are effective only when in use and we always recommend that consumers continue to follow all CDC guidelines as part of virus mitigation.

Take Care of Your Air

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